Connect with Prospects and Close the Deal Faster with Cloudonix and Balto

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Balto is excited to partner with Cloudonix to provide Real-Time Guidance, Coaching & QA in conjunction with Cloudonix's voice and data solutions. Together, we can help you connect faster with your prospect and guide your contact center agents to say the right thing every time. 

Start today by scheduling a demo. You'll have a chance to pick the date and time that works best for you.


Real-Time Guidance

Show agents what to say, measure what’s working and scale it instantly. See how the world's leading companies use Real-Time Guidance to move their organizations forward.

Real-Time Coaching

Automatically alert managers for key coaching opportunities and allow them to coach in the second reps need it the most. Drive immediate agent improvement by coaching the right calls in real-time.

Real-Time QA

Effortlessly score 100% of calls and quickly identify where conversations go wrong. Put an end to random sampling and hours spent manually scoring calls.

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